Signature Living

Every residential project by Mieke Van Herck is a compelling universe in which architecture, interior and garden design merge perfectly and elevate your living experience to unprecedented heights. Mieke Van Herck has left her own, unique mark on Belgian architecture in recent years. Her projects are leading signature projects that adorn the environment like an unmistakable style bible on the border of rural and modern architecture.

The combination of austere architecture with warm, state-of-the-art interiors, the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living, as well as the careful selection of premium materials and the far-reaching detailing in every phase from design to finish are characteristic of these estates. At the same time, each overall project is a unique response to the lives of its occupants. How it is conceived, arranged, decorated, in short: how you experience the home, unmistakably tells who you are and how you live..

In 2022, Mieke Van Herck is ready to take her life’s work beyond Belgium’s borders and to launch the first international residential projects. The architect may rely on a loyal, multidisciplinary team that is trained to conscientiously maintain the house style and high-quality standards. With a finger on the pulse and driven by Mieke’s driving force, the team also aims at innovation in residential living in a self-willed but well-considered manner. After the design, the building process is also carried out internally.

May your home be your legacy.

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